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Located at Pine Island Feed Store
8482 Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL 33956

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Pine Island Golf Carts
We Sell New and Used Golf Carts.

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Pine Island Golf Carts

Pine Island Golf Carts

Golf Cart Services & More

Golf Cart Battery Check

It is extremely important to check you battery at least once every 6 months for charge. At Pine Island Golf Carts we will check the status of your battery and check for any electrical issues that could potentially cause you to get stranded.

Complete Inspection

Inspecting your golf cart requires a trained eye.  We have been building and working on golf carts for over 20 years and have a vast experience with direct current drives.  Bring your cart up to us for an inspection and we will list out any issues we find to make sure your ride is safe.

Golf Cart Tire Pressure

It's been our experience that many people do not remember to check the golf cart tire pressure of their golf cart regularly, We highly recommend you check your golf cart tire pressure each time you plan on driving it.

Golf Cart Parts

We are able to order and fix about any cart you throw at us.  Some times you just need the right part put on by the right golf cart mechanic.  Pine Island Golf carts we offer the best service and expertise you can find in the southwest florida area.

Golf Cart Engine Repair

Our expert technicians can repair your golf cart engine and get it back to running great! We do a full 4 point inspection and check for any signs of engine damage or wear.

Golf Cart Charger Repair

We can usually fix anything that you have concerning your golf cart. If your charge cord, plug or module begins damaged or worn out we can replace the unit or better yet repair it.

Common Golf Cart Issues

Battery Replacement

Golf Cart Battery

It is extremely important to check you battery at least once every 6-12 months for charge and the ability to hold that charge at the recommended hold time by the manufacture.

Battery Replacement

Golf Cart Electrical

You have to remember that florida is surrounded by water and we have extremely high humidity rates.  We are also near salt water and salt can tend to corride unprotected plugs and wires.

Battery Replacement

Golf Cart Tires

Having the proper inflated tire pressure or inspecting the wear and tear is vital for a safe and fun filled day.  We see owners often forget to really inspect the tires both front facing and rear facing seams.

Trusted in Southwest Florida

Pine Island Golf Cart repair services has been trusted for over 5 years offer the very best in complete golf cart repair. We even offer complete modifications, upgrades and custom build packages!

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